Dana Cleveland


Dana Cleveland - ScritchyLabs

With 25 years experience in the computer industry, through Systems Administration, developing applications, integrating systems through software, consulting, and my share of on-call over the years.

Living (and sometimes dreaming) DevOps, while maintaining a working knowledge of AWS services through experience and certifications.

Certified Atlassian in System Administraton (ACP-500)

I'm an avid runner, and a Blackbelt in TKD. I also enjoy photography and climbing.


I work with a very small team of individuals tasked with helping bring our company into a new digital era, on premise and in the “cloud”. We are the Oregon Trail pioneers, if you will, but without the chance of dysentery. We use a maverick spirit for innovation. We pivot on dimes, learning as we go, spreading the tribe knowledge. In my previous team we helped our company’s approximately 1500 developers do their jobs better. We did this by providing the infrastructure and tooling they needed to support development. Tools include CI/CD pipelines, artifact dependency management, and source code version control. Managing the full stack on more that 40 servers from application to commandline including upgrades, scripting, backups, certificates, as well as custom plugins to integrate with existing company systems.


I seek out opportunities to help non-profits as time permits, mainly through consulting. For the past 2 years i have worked with. DSMHack - a not-for-profit organization working to elevate and strengthen the community by building software, learning from each other and giving back. I have provided technical assistance for the teams and Staff, basically helped out as needed. I am also open to small commercial consulting as a per project(or hourly) basis.

What I have to offer

Mobbing, Pairing, solo - collaborate and listen. For a copy of my resume, to learn what i can do and how I compliment a team to solve gnarly problems.